It is common knowledge that there is nothing that can be said that can’t be said better by using an infographic. If you don’t believe me I’m sure there is a infographic somewhere that proves this.

For instance I could write a long, detailed post about the importance of phone support and the proper way to conduct one’s self to enhance the customer experience. Or I could just point you to the image below from the fine folks at Zendesk that does the same thing but has pictures and is much more fun.

In all seriousness the one thing we here at WebWorkz Digital Strategies value when it comes to support is personal service. We think it is much better to talk to an actual human being rather than an automated message. And with that in mind we strive to always be there for our clients and actually talk to them one-to-one without jargon or scripts as we try to answer questions and find solutions. The tips in the graphic below are excellent ways to provide the best personal support possible.


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