We have been working on organizing and consolidating all of the social media channels that have ‘sprung up’ for WebWorkz Digital Strategies over the last few years.

What was expected to be a quick review and update effort initially, turned into an unbelievably confusing and frustrating endeavor basically for one reason ….GOOGLE!!!

The goals for this effort were to:

  • update graphics,
  • confirm name, address and telephone information,
  • verify links to our website, and
  • confirm the right users had administrative permissions

Essentially, this process was quick and relatively painless for Twitter, Yelp, Facebook and for the most part LinkedIn. But we have spent a considerable amount of hours (I don’t want to tell you how many) over the last several days trying to consolidate and organize a variety of Google content we created over the past few years. We agree with the forum comments and help articles that this is unnecessarily confusing, time consuming and frustrating.

We did discover a stray duplicate ‘Company Page’ on LinkedIn. There was no automatic way to merge two company pages or delete the duplicate. But LinkedIn just suggest you send an email and they will assist. We are expecting a response to our help request soon.

Google proved to be an update of a different color. We thought logging in to Google and updating our Google + profile and Places page would be quick. But we discovered and quickly got tangled up in multiple personal and business Google accounts.

We assumed then it would be a simple matter to focus on our “verified” Google Places page. Initially it seemed like all we needed to do was first make sure the appropriate Google Apps users had access to manage that verified places page and then disconnect and /or delete any personal or other business content from that verified places page.

But disconnecting and deleting accounts in Google was …painful. Looking back, it still really does not make sense. Basically the challenge was two-fold. First it seems that Google is trying to connect all Google content to a Google + profile. And 2nd, having multiple Google account logins requires logging in and out, using different browsers and clearing cache frequently.

We ended the week feeling like we did clean our skeletons to some extent. But we would not be at all surprised to find some stray bones come Monday morning.