The team at WebWorkz Digital Strategies is seeing a significant increase in suspicious login attempts and general web traffic from blacklisted locations (see news of CozyBear, REvil, SolarWinds as well as the 2016 and 2020 US elections). The firewalls we have in place at both the server and the website level notifies us and blocks failed attempts to log in and general server and website attacks.

We are STRONGLY recommending an upgrade of the website firewall software we have in place.

However, an upgrade of the website firewall provides an additional level of security by allowing us to perform real-time checks against block lists and allows country blocking. The malicious login attempts are coming from all over the globe. But being able to block specific countries that are known sources of malicious web traffic and checking against lists of known malicious hackers in real-time means we can reduce traffic from bad actors even before they get to your website.