Leo Bortolloto of Amendment21wines.com is using his website to share internal memos, communications and documents as well as a scheduling calendar with his staff.  We used the content management system installed on his site to set up an area on his site that can be viewed only by registered users to which he specifically grants access.

Leo uses the same content publishing tool he uses for blog posts, events and new wines on his site.  The only difference is that when he publishes new content intended for his staff only, he designates the content category we set up for him that is restricted to users he authorizes.

a21-screenshotBy designating a specific category of content on the site and restricting this category to his employees, we have helped Leo leverage his website content management system to create an employee Intranet.

In addition to informational and instructional updates, Amendment21wines.com’s  employee intranet also includes a Google calendar integration.  This let’s Leo continue to manage his staff scheduling as he has always done using Google’s Calendar application.  But he now shares this calendar privately and securely with his employees on his own web based employee information center.

By using the tools already built into your website’s content management tools, the 6 simple steps to getting started with a content area of a website restricted to users you authorize can be completed with very little effort:

  1. Create a new category of content
  2. Restrict new category to an employee user group
  3. Create a hidden navigation link to the new category
  4. Invite authorized users to create their own usernames and passwords
  5. Assign the new users to the new employee user group
  6. Publish content to the new category, in the same way site content additions and changes were managed previously.

The web content or functionality you choose to restrict to specific audiences through your website is limited only by your needs and imaginations::

  • News
  • Special announcements
  • Calendars
  • Forums
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Training materials
  • Instant Messaging
  • Photo galleries