WebWorkz Digital Strategies is proud to announce the launch of a redesigned and newly updated website: SWIIM Systems.

SWIIM is a Colorado-based software company that helps agricultural producers plan each participating field’s crops with a specific water budget in mind and is configured with regularly-updated, local crop production and water use data to provide for the highest level of accuracy.

The SWIIM® System is offered as a full, turn-key solution. It includes a software suite, instrumentation and remote sensing package that enables agricultural water users to optimize water rights, monitor the crop water budget, conserve water and increase net income for agricultural operations. We call it SWIIM®, or Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management®.

The SWIIM website is built in DNN (Dot Net Nuke) a Windows based content management system. Anyone who’s worked in Windows will know that it has – a unique set of requirements. Windows has very specific quirks when it comes to development. And so this project brought with it new and interesting challenges that WebWorkz Digital Strategies took on with vim and vigor, some detective work and a couple of shakes of the fist at the sky. But in the end it all came out fine, demonstrating once again that WebWorkz Digital Strategies never shrinks from a challenge.

Our developers worked with SWIIM every step of the way to produce a site that is slick, responsive and modern. We think you’ll agree.