Many of our clients ask if there are alternate ways of receiving our top notch support other than simply calling our support line, and by golly there is. WebWorkz Digital Strategies provides online support in the form of our Knowledge Base and Support Desk.

We maintain this support desk to give you another way to help you maintain your website and provide technical support. You can use this Support Desk to accomplish a variety of tasks including:

  • Create site maintenance and change requests
  • Review the status of your requests
  • Add additional comments or information to existing requests
  • Ask for technical support and information
  • Search our online Help Desk for instructions and answers to common questions.
  • Chat with us online

The first time you log in to the Support Desk you will be asked to create a password and verify your email address.

You can find basic instructions on how to sign up, access and review your requests in our Help Desk in the following online Knowledge Base articles:

  • Register to use our Support Desk
  • Login to the Support Desk
  • Review and Update your Cases
  • Search for instructions and information in our Online Knowledge Base
  • Chat with WebWorkz Digital Strategies online

We hope this Online Support Desk and Knowledge Base helps makes it easier for you to get website maintenance and support help.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, by email or phone.