Once your site is optimized for search engine accessibility and your keywords are integrated into your site, WebWorkz Digital Strategies can assist with the ongoing effort to market your site on the Internet by helping you create and publish content that keeps your site relevant and up to date for your target audience.

Social Media Managment

Site Updates

Search engines value dynamic sites that have frequent and regular updates more highly. To insure that your site is seen as live and relevant, WebWorkz Digital Strategies will setup and configure a blogging tool you can use to post and automatically display web site content at any time. This Blog editing capability will provide a complete range of options for the editor including:

  • Multiple blog layout options (lead article with or without intros, 1 or multiple columns)
  • Start and end publishing date control for each post
  • Each post can include images, photos, links
  • Each post can include moderated comments
  • WebWorkz will provide copywriting, posting and moderation

Link Building

Site search engine rankings can be improved by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. To help monitor and maintain your companies brand reputation, and take advantage of link back opportunities, WebWorkz Digital Strategies can provide assistance monitoring references to your website and company name by monitoring references and discussion threads, and responding to posts with links back to relevant landing pages on your site.

WebWorkz Digital Strategies can assist with the development of a reciprocal site link program, including:

A) Creation of graphic and html link code to provide to affiliates
B) Research and recommendation of sites to approach for link placement, through review of client and industry.

WebWorkz Digital Strategies can also provide assistance contacting potential affiliates for link exchanges

Be Seen, Build a Community

To increase your website visibility on the web, WebWorkz Digital Strategies will help evaluate and develop a social media strategy and can provide assistance with the following efforts:

  • Social media network page creation
  • Website integration
  • Content posting and moderation
  • Link tracking

Landing Pages

Effective analysis of Internet marketing tactics requires that each pay per click and banner ad placement link back to a specific landing page on your site targeted to the audience it is trying to attract. WebWorkz Digital Strategies can create landing pages, assist with link placement and help evaluate the ROI for each tactic.

Internet Marketing

WebWorkz Digital Strategies provides a full range of email list development and marketing services & develop customized promotional stratagies.

Connect Directly with Your Clients

WebWorkz will work with you to develop customized forms connected to our list server that your Web site visitors will use to sign up and opt-in to your emailing list. We make it easy to send informational, promotional, marketing and newsletter messages to members of your list. We automate list maintenance so you can focus on taking care of business.

For larger lists and more email marketing features, WebWorkz Digital Strategies provides E-mail Marketing, List Management and Consulting Services that complement existing marketing efforts and increase the effectiveness and overall success of our client’s e-mail marketing investment.

For smaller lists, WebWorkz Digital Strategies can integrate integrate an email list database into websites hosted by us and provide the following services:

  • Configure Opt-in/out forms on your website
  • Create HTML template to match site design
  • Message Success Tracking and Analysis
  • Provide administrative tools to manage lists

Internet Marketing Strategies

Once your site is optimized for search engine accessibility and your keywords are integrated into your site, WebWorkz Digital Strategies can help evaluate and develop an Internet Marketing strategy including ongoing submission of your website to multiple search engines, social media marketing, blogging, link building and pay per click ad campaigns.

Achieving higher rankings in search engines for your website occurs over time and requires ongoing attention, site revisions and adjustments. WebWorkz Digital Strategies will monitor the progress of your site in the search engine rankings, report on your progress and recommend changes and adjustments designed to improve your rankings.

List Management

The E-mail Marketing, List Management and Consulting Services WebWorkz Digital Strategies’s provides include:

  • Message Planning
  • Message Creation, Development and Testing
  • Message Success Tracking and Analysis
  • List Development, Management and Segmentation

Email Tools

We provide message sending tools including include the following administrative features:

  • Spam tests
  • Bounce handling
  • Statistics and link tracking
  • Auto responders
  • View email marketing messages through your website content management system

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