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The Developing Story: Phone Support Do’s and Don’ts Infographic

It is common knowledge that there is nothing that can be said that can't be said better by using an infographic. If you don't believe me I'm [...]

Website Redesign & Update: SWIIM Systems

WebWorkz Digital Strategies is proud to announce the launch of a redesigned and newly updated website: SWIIM Systems. SWIIM is a Colorado-based software company that helps agricultural [...]

What’s the Best Payment Gateway Option?

If you have an online store there are many details that need to be addressed. But the one question you will probably want answered first is: how [...]

Toast the Winemakers of the Grand Valley

Grand Valley Wine Association has a new website.  Find out what's going on at the seven member wineries from one website. And get links to their websites [...]

Website Redesign & Launch: David Hicks – Author

WebWorkz Digital Strategies is proud to announce the launch a brand new, redesigned website for author David Hicks. Website: David is a local Colorado [...]

Stop! Don’t Click That!

This might seem like a no-brainer, just common sense, ridiculous that you even mention it but… if you receive a link in a text message don’t click [...]

Yes Virginia, We Have a Support Desk

Many of our clients ask if there are alternate ways of receiving our top notch support other than simply calling our support line, and by golly there [...]

Google Rolls Out Mobile Friendly Update

A week ago Google announced it was rolling out a mobile-friendly update, boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Searchers can more easily find [...]


We have been working on organizing and consolidating all of the social media channels that have ‘sprung up’ for WebWorkz Digital Strategies over the last few years. [...]

Use Your Website for Employee Communications

Leo Bortolloto of is using his website to share internal memos, communications and documents as well as a scheduling calendar with his staff.  We used the [...]

Website Launch: Howard Masini, CPA

WebWorkz Digital Strategies is proud to announce the launch of a new Website for Howard Masini, CPA. The site is a responsive design that will serve as [...]

How to remove HomeGroup Icon from Your Windows 8 Desktop

Occasionally the HomeGroup icon will appear on you desktop. There seems to be a bug where the HomeGroup icon can reappear at random. If you're like me [...]